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Differents photographies of Barcelona

Sailing by Internet and looking for pretty and differents photographies , from the city of Barcelona, I have found the interesting blog of the photographer Carlos Lorenzo.
He says about his blog: “Barcelona pictures there are many, commented Barcelona photos there are few, so I intend to provide not just images but information about the daily life of the city and some aspects of artistic expression”.
Yoy must visit his web, is another point of view of Barcelona. One of Carlos’s picture is this, and from me is marvellous!:
Carlos Lorenzo Photographer - Barcelona

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Barcelona Movie

Barcelona Movie is a new web, that will serve to give relevance to certain locations of Barcelona that still are not tourist icons.
The idea is that the tourists organizes the visit to the city from a cinematographic point of view, crossing the scenes where diverse rolled films was success in Barcelona.

Barcelona movies

The web Barcelona Movie, is to discover the city since the cinema, so that the person who consults the Web finds the relation of the scenes and its location in a plane of the city, as well as complementary information of Barcelona.

Almodovar BarcelonaFor example, now you can find Almodóvar‘s scenes in Barcelona (“All About My Mother”) :  Monument a Colom, Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, Palau de la Música Catalana. 

The scenes of “The Perfume” in Barcelona of Tom Tykwer, “Erasmus Students’ Barcelona” of Cédric Klapisch, also Giovanni Veronesi, Peter Greenaway, Alejandro Amenabar, Fernando Trueba, Michelangelo Antonioni, who are some of the directors who have used the city as a location for their films.

Sure, is a good idea!


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“Bodies…The Exhibition” in Barcelona

In the Drassanes Reials of Barcelona, “Bodies” will be until day 31 of March.

This exhibition on the human body, that it has attracted more than 3 million people everywhere, has obtained in Barcelona more than 110,000 visits from its inauguration, the past 17 of November.

Bodies en Barcelona

 “Bodies” arrived at Barcelona like a exhibition that broke records, simultaneously that did not leave indifferent anybody. Guaranteed by the great success achieved in cities like New York, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Sao Paulo, the exhibition shows the human body as it is, with real human rest.

These bodies, of people died by natural causes, have been dissected by means of a revolutionary system, conserved with polymers and sectioned detail yet to be exposed everywhere.

You can enjoy (or not ;-)): until 31/03/2008, at Reials Drassanes de Barcelona, Av. Drassanes, 1, Ciutat Vella.


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Valentine’s Day Barcelona

valentine’s day barcelonaValentine’s Day is a special celebration, as you know, on February 14.

Generally, the lovers express their love sending presents, flowers, swets, and some of them, going to special site in the night. 

In this order, we can suggest you a good thing to enjoy with your lover (if you remember an love ABBA):

  • The Barcelona Teatre Musical is now showing the Catherine Johnson musical with the ABBA songs we all know, like Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, Voulez-Vous and Take A Chance On Me. (C Guàrdia Urbana, 7 – Sants-Montjuïc)

But while I’ve been looking for special activities for this day, I saw an interesting article in ABC, in which TERESA DE LA CIERVA, MARTA BARROSO, PATRICIA ESPINOSA DE LOS MONTEROS talks about a study of the Valentine’s day traditions:

 “The fragrances and the oils for the bath, among other products of beauty, do not fail, but either the romantic escapes. According to the study of Expedia, the best thing to reinforce a relation is a trip; that said 61% of the people at least. 41% of the women (always more positive) thinks that it helps to recover “the flame” (39% declare that when finalizing a trip has returned to fall in love with its pair), and the men, (“always so optimistic”), consider that “he is not going to suppose no change” (42%)… What yes it is certain is that it does not solve a crisis (only 6% take advantage of it to solve problems). One of the tactically important points is the planning of the trip. Women (36%) gives to much more importance him to the details whereas to them (23%) she costs to them more to put itself in agreement on the budget…”

What do you think about this study? And what you prefeer your lover do tomorrow?

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Childrens in Barcelona

Festival children BarcelonaIf you are in Barcelona in this moment, with yours children, is a good time to them.

From 8 to 13 February in Barcelona is the Festes de Santa Eulàlia , an interesting festival for children, that is celebrated in Ciutat Vella and throughout Barcelona .

The programme has some activities for all the childrens: shows, concerts, popular cultural events, giants on the streets, human castles.

 You can see the complete programme, in the web of Barcelona council, here.

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Barcelona Bus Turistic

The Barcelona Bus Turístic (TMB) is a service of bus, that makes three routes by the  more  visited points of the city.

bus barcelona

From the bus, that has two floors, you will be able to see the Sagrada Family, the Stone quarry, the Spanish Town, the Gothic District. A tourist informer announces the bustops in different languages. He has 44 bustops distributed in three routes: North route (red) South Route (blue) Route Forum (green).

 You can raise and lower the times that you want throughout the route. When already you have seen what it interests to you, you can take the following bus and continue the route, with the same ticket.

To know the routes, and for more information, click here.

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Barcelona apartments

When we think about traveling, generally the first option which we thinks, is a hotel. But there is another very interesting option: the apartments.
barcelona apartments
Why is a good one idea an apartment?
– If you travel with the family, it is a good way to share the trip with a familiar privacity. Apartments provide more space than average hotel rooms.
– Habitually, apartments are cheaper than hotels.
– It is a good way to know the city, we can get a better feel for Barcelona, as natives know it.
If we talk about Barcelona apartments, we suggest you Rent the sun, a Web in which we can find a special list of apartments to rent, so near of the main attractions of the city.

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