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Joan Rabascall exposition in Barcelona

Settled down in Paris from 1962, the Barcelonian artist Joan Rabascall has worried about everything what happened in his country of origin: Spain. That is demonstrated at the series it of works that realised from 1964 to 1982, that now it exposes in the Macba (Museum of contemporary Art of Barcelona).
Rabascall in Barcelona

Rabascall in Barcelona

Between these Landscapes of the Costa Brava are exposed, Spain is different or ” juguete” 23-F. Conditional reflection. Of the majority of works that now appear, more than 150, a 70% are unpublished. In them we found the critic of Rabascall to mass media and the majority use of the technique of collage.

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Visit City Council building of Barcelona

If you want to see all the rooms of the City council building of Barcelona, you can participate in some of the commented visits free, that take place every Sunday.
Every Sunday in the morning of 10,00 to 13,30 hours the building of the City council of Barcelona open the doors. In this sense, you can visit the rooms like the ‘Saló de Cent’, or the ‘Saló of Reina Regent’.
In case of wanting to visit the building of individual form, to the entrance an informative pamphlet will be given. On the other hand, also the option exists to make the visits in group: every 30 minutes in charge of three guides licensed in history, and the language of the explanations of the visit can be chosen (Catalan, Castilian, French and English).

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Deambulants in the National Theater of Catalonia – Barcelona

This Sunday 1 of June, we can enjoy with a very interesting spectacle, in the street.

The group of spectacles of ‘ format vertical’ , Deambulants, appears next to the Fireluche orchestra in the Gardens of the National Theater of Catalonia, Barcelona, with its spectacle ” Alt”.

Deambulants Barcelona

Deambulants is a multidisciplinary group: dancers, plastic and visual creators, illuminators, theatrical designers, musicians, clowns, who says themselves in their Web, that they are looking for:

” to vindicate the use of the deep spaces – urban or natural and of the little current interiors, to support to the culture of quality street and to make its proposals to all type reasonable of público”.

Without doubts, it is a very interesting proposal for this Sunday, if you are in Barcelona. You can read more information in the Web of Deambulants.


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Sculptures of Manolo Valdés exposed in Las Ramblas of Catalunya

Manolo Valdes sculpturesThe  exhibition is part of the program ‘Art in the street’, of  Obra Social aL Caixa, that will be exposed until the 15 of June, and then it will travel to other Spanish cities.

Some of works of the artist already had been exposed in Park Avenue de New York, in the gardens of the Palais Royal of Paris, and in the castle of Chenonceau (France).

Manolo Valdés (Valencia, 1942) is one of the main contemporary spanish artists.

Resident in New York for more than one decade, alternates the painting, the engraving and the sculpture. In the last years it has realised sculptures of great format for diverse cities.

Meninas Manolo ValdesAnd special example of this great format sculptures are the Meninas (reinterpretation of Velázquez):

As you know, in the summer time of Barcelona, you only must to take a walk on the Ramblas, and enjoy.


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Loop’08 Videoart Barcelona

Loop 08 BarcelonaLOOP BARCELONA is the annual point of contact for the lovers of videoart of the world. This year, the platform adopts the form of Festival-Fair-Conferences.

The sixth edition, LOOP’ 08, will be able to be enjoyed until the 18 May of the 2008. Artists, curators, collectors, directors of museums, critics,  and fans to videoart, have a good way to interchange theirs experiences.

 Look at the exhibitions:

  • ‘La Imatge com a Llenguatge’
    Casa Àsia – Av Diagonal, 371*373 – 933680320
  • ‘LOOP the video art fair’08’
    Hotel Catalonia Ramblas – C Pelai, 28 – 933168400
  • ‘For Your Eyes Only’
    Fundació Suñol – Pg Gràcia, 98 – 934961032
  • ‘Frágil’
    Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí – C Comerç, 36 – 933103732
  • ‘Visión-a’
    Palau de la Virreina – C la Rambla, 99 – 933161000
  • ‘Recent Iris Films From The Imma Collection’
    Fundació Joan Miró – Av Miramar, 1 – 934439470
  • ‘Imatges a peu de carrer’
    Foment de les Arts i del Disseny – Pl Àngels, 5-6 – 934437520
  • ‘New York – Barcelona Via Strip Film Festival (París)’
    Fundació Joan Brossa – C Provença, 318 – 934589994
  • ‘Future’, Rubén Santiago
    Museu d’Història de la Ciutat – Conjunt Monumental de la Plaça del Rei – Pl Rei, 7*9 – 932562122
  • ‘Pantalla CCCB, un mes un artista’ Jaime Pitarch
    Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona – Montalegre, 5 – 933064100

More information, in Loop web and in PDF.


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Sundays in the Picasso of Barcelona

One of the museums more visited of Barcelona, is the Picasso Museum, that now open it doors in Sundays, with the special cycle: Sundays in the Picasso.


This is a proposal of scenic arts that it tries to turn the museum in a space of citizen participation. The program of Sundays in the Picasso includes spectacles of circus, theater, music, dance.

The activities have a popular prices, 3 € only is the cost, and the children have a free pass.
For more information you can telephone 932 563 000/22 or email:

Until 29 of June, 2008, and since 6 of July until 21 of september.


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Eduardo Galeano tomorrow in Barcelona

Eduardo Galeano - BarcelonaThe writer will presents “Mirrors”, this Monday in BarcelonaEduardo Galeano defines to his text like `Around the world in 600 stories” .

The Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano advances that he will read a selection of them in his  presentation Monday in  “American House in Barcelona“. In an interview, the recognized journalist and writer speak of his work like “a house that has many doors and many windows”, and invite the reader “to enter by where she wants”.

I remember the beautiful “Genesis” of “Memory of fire” (1982):

“The woman and the man dreamed that God was dreaming about them. God was singing and clacking his maracas as he dreamed his dream in a tobacco smoke, feeling happy but shaken by doubt& mystery. The Makiritare Indians know that if God dreams about eating, he gives fertility and food. If God dreams about life, he is born and gives birth.”

Something about Galeano and “Mirrors”, here (spanish).

I see it in El Universal.

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