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Google Street View – Barcelona

Spain already begins to have the first visible places with Google Street View. And Barcelona is one of the first cities in having this service (the other are: Madrid, Valencia and Seville). Now we can see the city as if we walked by its streets.
Google street view Barcelona

Google street view Barcelona

 Here you can see Barcelona:

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We want Barcelona to StreetView

Ever since at the beginning of June they announced that Google was taking photographies from Barcelona, we are hoping that the service  shows them to StreetView.
But it seems that still we will have to wait for a little more, because if we go to Google map, nearest Barcelona in Street View, it is in France, in the Tour of France.
When Barcelona?

When Barcelona?

July 24, 2008 at 2:35 pm 4 comments

Barcelona-Sitges vintage car rally

From 29 of March to 31 of March, the popular Barcelona-Sitges vintage car rally (Great Audi Prize), arrives at 50.ª edition.
Rally Barcelona Sitges
Until the moment, this edition of rally registers a spectacular record of participation, with almost 150 cars and participants coming from diverse points of Spain and Europe.
If you are in Barcelona, this is a good oportunity to see old cars (built 1920), and as it indicates in the regulations, participants who will go dressed according to the vehicle’s period.
More info in the web of the Rally Barcelona-Sitges.
Updated (30 of march): I have seen this video in Youtube, about this rally (beautiful cars, but a bad music ;-))


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Barcelona Movie

Barcelona Movie is a new web, that will serve to give relevance to certain locations of Barcelona that still are not tourist icons.
The idea is that the tourists organizes the visit to the city from a cinematographic point of view, crossing the scenes where diverse rolled films was success in Barcelona.

Barcelona movies

The web Barcelona Movie, is to discover the city since the cinema, so that the person who consults the Web finds the relation of the scenes and its location in a plane of the city, as well as complementary information of Barcelona.

Almodovar BarcelonaFor example, now you can find Almodóvar‘s scenes in Barcelona (“All About My Mother”) :  Monument a Colom, Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, Palau de la Música Catalana. 

The scenes of “The Perfume” in Barcelona of Tom Tykwer, “Erasmus Students’ Barcelona” of Cédric Klapisch, also Giovanni Veronesi, Peter Greenaway, Alejandro Amenabar, Fernando Trueba, Michelangelo Antonioni, who are some of the directors who have used the city as a location for their films.

Sure, is a good idea!


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La Sagrada Familia (Gaudí – Barcelona)

Its complete name is Expiatorio Temple of the Sagrada Familia.

La Sagrada Familia is a great temple of Barcelona, designed by architect Antoni Gaudí, still in construction. . The Sagrada Familia is the masterpiece of Gaudí, the maximum exponent of the spanish modernist architecture.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia

If you visit the oficial web of the Sagrada Familia, you can take a look (virtual).


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Olympic Games of Barcelona (1992) – Great music!

The people who are very young, perhaps did not have opportunity to see this fantastic video of Freddie Mercury with Montserrat Caballe (spanish catalan soprano), in the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92.

Be happy!:

I see it in: Spain-info


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“Barcelona” to Google spanish

What do you think that happens, if we make the search of the word “Barcelona” in the Spanish Google?

 As it happens in the version of Google in English, one would wait for in the first places the Web of the City council of Barcelona or the connection to the Wikipedia with the information of Barcelona. But it is not true. Apparently Google-Spain believe that the Web of the Football Club Barcelona is more important.

Look at:



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I’m from Barcelona

Nice song:

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