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La Colifata in Barcelona

Those that we are in Spain, we have been seeing for a time a Tv  publicity of Aquarius (Coke), of “the Colifata”.

But, what is La Colifata? The Colifata is a radio that was born in 1991 in Buenos Aires, and at the microphone they are the patients of the psychiatric center Jose Tiburcio Borda.

It was born like an alternative therapy, and as his director Alfredo Olivera says: “We want that madness speaks, but also the fears that come associate to it… Everything are possible: a related soccer match that not yet has gambled, to interview to Nerón and to connect with the special envoy to Mars, where “trains are not seen flying over the sky”.

 Friday 4 of April of the 2008 in Barcelona,  you can see “LT22 Radio the Colifata“, the documental of Carlos Larrondo, already awarded in Gijón in December.

In his prime opera, Larrondo, also accompanies to several members of the radio in its trip by Spain, France and Italy, where initiatives inspired by the experience of the Colifata work. In Barcelona, the camera related the meeting with Manu Chao, that already was cooperated with thems, with a edition of a disc to benefit of this peculiar radio.

(So sorry, but I can’t know where will be the exhibition, that if you know, please tell us)

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