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Barcelona-Sitges vintage car rally

From 29 of March to 31 of March, the popular Barcelona-Sitges vintage car rally (Great Audi Prize), arrives at 50.ª edition.
Rally Barcelona Sitges
Until the moment, this edition of rally registers a spectacular record of participation, with almost 150 cars and participants coming from diverse points of Spain and Europe.
If you are in Barcelona, this is a good oportunity to see old cars (built 1920), and as it indicates in the regulations, participants who will go dressed according to the vehicle’s period.
More info in the web of the Rally Barcelona-Sitges.
Updated (30 of march): I have seen this video in Youtube, about this rally (beautiful cars, but a bad music ;-))


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Holy Week in Spain

Spain have an important catholic traditions, and Spain Holy Week traditions are some famous in the world. The most glamorous celebrations are in Seville, Malaga and Cadiz. (until Antonio Banderas has been there, like in another years)

The participants in the Processions, names “nazarenos”, and they dress with a tunic and a “capirote” (hood wiht conical tip). Ironically, is similar to the uniform of Ku Kux Klan. The “nazarenos” carry candles, and some of them, carry a great Virgen or Jesus on theys shoulders.

Holy Week is an all Spain celebration, and Barcelona to. Look at a “Proccesion” in Barcelona:

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The new Roller coaster in Tibidabo – Barcelona

The new roller coaster of the amusement park of the Tibidabo (Barcelona) will have a length of 718 meters, that it will cross in 85 seconds and it will get to reach a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. The attraction will begin promoting 33.2 meters of unevenness with motor until reaching its higher point, located to 522 meters on the level of the sea.
Tibidabo Barcelona
Soon, the reduction of 37 meters with a slope of 66% will begin, that will allow to contemplate the Vallès and Barcelona. The requirement to accede to this attraction is to have a minimum altitude of 110 centimeters, something that normally all the children of more fulfill than five years.
Its installation goes accompanied of controversy, because the persons who live in the zone supposes that it will cut several trees.

I see it in 20minutos.

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Dalí Castle in Pubol

The Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol, open to the public since 1996. Is a medieval building in which Salvador Dalí lent material form to an exuberant creative effort with his mind set on one person, Gala.Dali Castle Pubol
Sundays 23 of March, 13 of April and 11 of May, the Castle of Púbol open to a interesting familiar visits.
In the web of Fundation Gala Salvador Dalí say:
“We are going to discover the castle and Dalí in full dress. Visit guided for children and children accompanied by adults. With your aid, a parchment and games we will discover the Castle of Púbol and the treasures that Rescuing Dalí gave to Finery, its wife and lady of the castle. “
To live this experiencie, is essential to reserve to the tel. (034)972 677 518 or
Gala Dalí Square
E-17120 Púbol-la Pera

Tel. 34 972 488 655
Fax 34 972 488 653
More information:


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The utility of the emptiness (Exhibition in Barcelona)

Exhibition The utility of emptiness - Living Tower, 1968. Verner Panton“The nothing”, or the silence or the emptiness, is a creative elements in the art (in music or design for example). The exhibition “The utility of the emptiness”, in the Museum of the Decorative Arts of Barcelona, compiles up to 120 pieces that make us think about the importance of the emptiness.
The exhibition explores the relations between the matter and the nonmatter, the emptiness, in plastic arts, the natural architecture, design, sciences and industrial engineering.
 You can visit this peculiar exhibition, until 4 of May in the Museum: Av Diagonal, 686 (Les Cortes) – 932563465

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