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Park Joan Reventos in Barcelona

Park Joan Reventos Barcelona

Park Joan Reventos Barcelona

The district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi in Barcelona, it already has a new space to the leisure from this Sunday, 17 of May, that’s has open to the public the Park Joan Reventós, located in the North zone of the district of Sarrià. Thus, the Barcelonan ones and turist can enjoy with a new green zone of two hectares of forest, that has supposed the recovery of laughed of them Monges.

It is possible to be acceded to the park by four different entrances: two in Ronda de Dalt with the street Major de Sarrià, one in the Ràfols street and another one in the flat  Ramon Miquel i with Sol i Pedrís.
The park takes to the name of the politician and neighbor of Sarrià, Joan Reventós, who were delegated and president of the Parlament de Catalonia and deputy in Them Corts, as well as one of the founders of the PSC.
Parc de Joan Reventós 
C Ràfols, 10
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
Tel: 010 

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Joan Rabascall exposition in Barcelona

Settled down in Paris from 1962, the Barcelonian artist Joan Rabascall has worried about everything what happened in his country of origin: Spain. That is demonstrated at the series it of works that realised from 1964 to 1982, that now it exposes in the Macba (Museum of contemporary Art of Barcelona).
Rabascall in Barcelona

Rabascall in Barcelona

Between these Landscapes of the Costa Brava are exposed, Spain is different or ” juguete” 23-F. Conditional reflection. Of the majority of works that now appear, more than 150, a 70% are unpublished. In them we found the critic of Rabascall to mass media and the majority use of the technique of collage.

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Google Street View – Barcelona

Spain already begins to have the first visible places with Google Street View. And Barcelona is one of the first cities in having this service (the other are: Madrid, Valencia and Seville). Now we can see the city as if we walked by its streets.
Google street view Barcelona

Google street view Barcelona

 Here you can see Barcelona:

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Concerts in Ciutdadella of Barcelona

As we tell you before, the green spaces of Barcelona can be a suitable scene to enjoy good concerts during the nights of summer.
Parks and Gardens organizes cycles of music in natural spaces of the city. During the month of August, the jazz concerts seize of the public square of the park of the Ciutadella every Wednesday and Friday as of the 22,00 hours.
Look at the programme:
Wednesday 6
Jaume Vilaseca Quartet

Friday 8
José Alberto Medina Trio

Wednesday 13
Víctor de Diego Quartet

Friday 15
La Panamericana

 Wednesday 20
Lunar Project

Friday 22
Andreu Martínez Project

Wednesday 27
Organic Trio

Friday 29
A Contra Blues

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We want Barcelona to StreetView

Ever since at the beginning of June they announced that Google was taking photographies from Barcelona, we are hoping that the service  shows them to StreetView.
But it seems that still we will have to wait for a little more, because if we go to Google map, nearest Barcelona in Street View, it is in France, in the Tour of France.
When Barcelona?

When Barcelona?

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In Barcelona: Estriptis

Estriptis is one of the most suggestive productions of the last edition of High Season and arrives now at the Borràs Theater as a sample on the utility of the body like linguistic vehicle
The ” bailaor” international of Granada, Rafael Amargo, Sol Picó, the cinema director Jaime Chávarri, the director of the Fura dels Baus Carlus Padrissa, and theater directors Mario Gas and Andres Lima offer their personal vision of ‘ striptease’ in the Estriptis spectacle, in the Teatre Borràs of Barcelona.
In this proposal, two men and one woman undress to the rate of the music of Mozart. The work puts in scene of unitary form the proposals of six of the most excellent authors of the scene of the dance, the theater, the cinema and the multidisciplinary scene.
With a beginning in which Rafael Amargo undresses the feet of his dancers, followed of the fragment of the trainer of horses and of a dancing that rises literally by the walls, the spectacle culminates with one more a daily vision of “estriptis”.

Until 20/7, in Teatre Borràs, Pl Urquinaona, 9, Barcelona.

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B-Summer Barcelona

By third consecutive year, with the arrival of the summer, B-Summer like an attractive musical alternative for the nights of July in the city of Barcelona. In this edition, the festival changes of format and sum a new space. The programming of B-Summer 2008 will be developed from the 9 to the 29 of July in two places differents: in the traditional scene outdoors of the greater place of the Poble Espanyol and in just incorporated Movistar Space, located in the Parc Bederrida of the University Zone.
This is the programme:

THE B-52s
Funplex Tour 2008


9/7 – 21.00 h.

Poble Espanyol

45 €





14/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

40 €





16/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

20 €





17/7 – 21.00 h.

Poble Espanyol

25 €



Gerald Toto, Richard Bona, Lokua Kanza


19/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

30 €





20/7 – 20.00 h.

Poble Espanyol

36 y 48 €





21/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

35 €





23/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

40 €



+ Dj Dolores


29/7 – 21.00 h.

Espacio Movistar


The promotion:

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Cinema in Sala Montjuïc 2008 – Barcelona

cinema castle montjuic barcelonaEvery Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 20:30 h (from the 30 of June to the 1 of August), we have the possibility of see cinema outdoors: In original version, in giant screen, in the comfortably turf, and with music and short films,  previous to the projections.
This will happen like other years, in the Castle of Montjuic, in the Sala Montjuic, where in this edition the films are anticipated like: “The Labyrinth of fauno”, “First flat one”, “Offside”.
Only 4 Euros. If you want to see the complete programming, visit Sala Montjuic.

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“Music als parcs”: in the green spaces of Barcelona

In the summer time, some parks of Barcelona will welcome a free programming of music for all the public, it is the “Music als Parcs”. The cycle includes sessions of classic music, jazz and the music of the Municipal Band to enjoy calm evenings outdoors and in the green spaces of the city. All the concerts of jazz will take place in the “Parc de la Ciutadella” all Wednesdays and Fridays, at 22 hours.
Music Barcelona
The first session will be this Wednesday, 4 of June, and the program will be until August. The sessions of classic music will begin in July, and they will also be realised in several parks of the city: Turó Park, Jardins de la Tamarita, Parc Ca n’Altimira, Parc Diagonal Mar, Parc de la Ciutadella, and Park Güell. The concerts will be celebrated Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. 
The concerts of the Municipal Band will be the 5 of June, in the park Creueta del Coll, 12 of June, in the park of Diagonal Mar, 26 of June (in the park of Joan Miró) and 3 of July (in the park of the Barceloneta), at 21 hours.

You can read all the Program, here (PDF).

I see the information in Absolut BCN.


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La Colifata in Barcelona

Those that we are in Spain, we have been seeing for a time a Tv  publicity of Aquarius (Coke), of “the Colifata”.

But, what is La Colifata? The Colifata is a radio that was born in 1991 in Buenos Aires, and at the microphone they are the patients of the psychiatric center Jose Tiburcio Borda.

It was born like an alternative therapy, and as his director Alfredo Olivera says: “We want that madness speaks, but also the fears that come associate to it… Everything are possible: a related soccer match that not yet has gambled, to interview to Nerón and to connect with the special envoy to Mars, where “trains are not seen flying over the sky”.

 Friday 4 of April of the 2008 in Barcelona,  you can see “LT22 Radio the Colifata“, the documental of Carlos Larrondo, already awarded in Gijón in December.

In his prime opera, Larrondo, also accompanies to several members of the radio in its trip by Spain, France and Italy, where initiatives inspired by the experience of the Colifata work. In Barcelona, the camera related the meeting with Manu Chao, that already was cooperated with thems, with a edition of a disc to benefit of this peculiar radio.

(So sorry, but I can’t know where will be the exhibition, that if you know, please tell us)

I see this info in:


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Barcelona-Sitges vintage car rally

From 29 of March to 31 of March, the popular Barcelona-Sitges vintage car rally (Great Audi Prize), arrives at 50.ª edition.
Rally Barcelona Sitges
Until the moment, this edition of rally registers a spectacular record of participation, with almost 150 cars and participants coming from diverse points of Spain and Europe.
If you are in Barcelona, this is a good oportunity to see old cars (built 1920), and as it indicates in the regulations, participants who will go dressed according to the vehicle’s period.
More info in the web of the Rally Barcelona-Sitges.
Updated (30 of march): I have seen this video in Youtube, about this rally (beautiful cars, but a bad music ;-))


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Holy Week in Spain

Spain have an important catholic traditions, and Spain Holy Week traditions are some famous in the world. The most glamorous celebrations are in Seville, Malaga and Cadiz. (until Antonio Banderas has been there, like in another years)

The participants in the Processions, names “nazarenos”, and they dress with a tunic and a “capirote” (hood wiht conical tip). Ironically, is similar to the uniform of Ku Kux Klan. The “nazarenos” carry candles, and some of them, carry a great Virgen or Jesus on theys shoulders.

Holy Week is an all Spain celebration, and Barcelona to. Look at a “Proccesion” in Barcelona:

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Dalí Castle in Pubol

The Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol, open to the public since 1996. Is a medieval building in which Salvador Dalí lent material form to an exuberant creative effort with his mind set on one person, Gala.Dali Castle Pubol
Sundays 23 of March, 13 of April and 11 of May, the Castle of Púbol open to a interesting familiar visits.
In the web of Fundation Gala Salvador Dalí say:
“We are going to discover the castle and Dalí in full dress. Visit guided for children and children accompanied by adults. With your aid, a parchment and games we will discover the Castle of Púbol and the treasures that Rescuing Dalí gave to Finery, its wife and lady of the castle. “
To live this experiencie, is essential to reserve to the tel. (034)972 677 518 or
Gala Dalí Square
E-17120 Púbol-la Pera

Tel. 34 972 488 655
Fax 34 972 488 653
More information:


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The utility of the emptiness (Exhibition in Barcelona)

Exhibition The utility of emptiness - Living Tower, 1968. Verner Panton“The nothing”, or the silence or the emptiness, is a creative elements in the art (in music or design for example). The exhibition “The utility of the emptiness”, in the Museum of the Decorative Arts of Barcelona, compiles up to 120 pieces that make us think about the importance of the emptiness.
The exhibition explores the relations between the matter and the nonmatter, the emptiness, in plastic arts, the natural architecture, design, sciences and industrial engineering.
 You can visit this peculiar exhibition, until 4 of May in the Museum: Av Diagonal, 686 (Les Cortes) – 932563465

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Differents photographies of Barcelona

Sailing by Internet and looking for pretty and differents photographies , from the city of Barcelona, I have found the interesting blog of the photographer Carlos Lorenzo.
He says about his blog: “Barcelona pictures there are many, commented Barcelona photos there are few, so I intend to provide not just images but information about the daily life of the city and some aspects of artistic expression”.
Yoy must visit his web, is another point of view of Barcelona. One of Carlos’s picture is this, and from me is marvellous!:
Carlos Lorenzo Photographer - Barcelona

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