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We want Barcelona to StreetView

Ever since at the beginning of June they announced that Google was taking photographies from Barcelona, we are hoping that the service  shows them to StreetView.
But it seems that still we will have to wait for a little more, because if we go to Google map, nearest Barcelona in Street View, it is in France, in the Tour of France.
When Barcelona?

When Barcelona?

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Gandules ’08 in Barcelona

Barcelona Gandules 08

Barcelona Gandules 08

What a interesting proposal for the summer in Barcelona! I tell you, today I listened in the radio3 a precious interview, to one of the people who organize Gandules ‘ 08.

Gandules ‘ 08 is offered in Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. It is and outdoors free  cinema, with the peculiarity of you can see the films in a hammock.
The proposal anticipates the projection of films all the Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday of August. And as we said, it is free, but the capacity is limited.
“Intercultural” it is the title of the cycle that this year programs films that try on the displacements that take towards another culture and the situations of coexistence between cultures in a same place. The projections are in original.
You can see the complete Programe, here.

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In Barcelona: Estriptis

Estriptis is one of the most suggestive productions of the last edition of High Season and arrives now at the Borràs Theater as a sample on the utility of the body like linguistic vehicle
The ” bailaor” international of Granada, Rafael Amargo, Sol Picó, the cinema director Jaime Chávarri, the director of the Fura dels Baus Carlus Padrissa, and theater directors Mario Gas and Andres Lima offer their personal vision of ‘ striptease’ in the Estriptis spectacle, in the Teatre Borràs of Barcelona.
In this proposal, two men and one woman undress to the rate of the music of Mozart. The work puts in scene of unitary form the proposals of six of the most excellent authors of the scene of the dance, the theater, the cinema and the multidisciplinary scene.
With a beginning in which Rafael Amargo undresses the feet of his dancers, followed of the fragment of the trainer of horses and of a dancing that rises literally by the walls, the spectacle culminates with one more a daily vision of “estriptis”.

Until 20/7, in Teatre Borràs, Pl Urquinaona, 9, Barcelona.

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B-Summer Barcelona

By third consecutive year, with the arrival of the summer, B-Summer like an attractive musical alternative for the nights of July in the city of Barcelona. In this edition, the festival changes of format and sum a new space. The programming of B-Summer 2008 will be developed from the 9 to the 29 of July in two places differents: in the traditional scene outdoors of the greater place of the Poble Espanyol and in just incorporated Movistar Space, located in the Parc Bederrida of the University Zone.
This is the programme:

THE B-52s
Funplex Tour 2008


9/7 – 21.00 h.

Poble Espanyol

45 €





14/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

40 €





16/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

20 €





17/7 – 21.00 h.

Poble Espanyol

25 €



Gerald Toto, Richard Bona, Lokua Kanza


19/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

30 €





20/7 – 20.00 h.

Poble Espanyol

36 y 48 €





21/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

35 €





23/7 – 22.00 h.

Espacio Movistar

40 €



+ Dj Dolores


29/7 – 21.00 h.

Espacio Movistar


The promotion:

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